Dress Purple Day Prevention Classroom Resources

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Dress Purple Day offers an important opportunity to raise awareness among elementary, middle, and high school students about their right to safety and well-being. To support this important goal, and in response to inquest recommendations, we have developed provincial classroom prevention resources to support teachers and education professionals to engage with their students in conversations about safety and well-being in all aspects of their lives and to help them identify their networks of support.

The classroom resources are evidence-based, primary prevention materials, empowering students to think and act in positive ways, appropriate for their age and stage of learning and development. The goal of the materials is to help all children and youth, regardless of the situation they are in, to acquire skills and attributes that lessen their vulnerability to harm. You can learn more about the research informing the Dress Purple classroom resources by reading these articles on Getting HelpSelf-Esteem, and Physical Touch. Learn more about how neglect of basic needs can impact children and youth here. Learn about how Children’s Aid Societies support children and families where neglect is a concern here.

Calling for Help: Tom's Story

Nobody wanted to raise the alarm despite very obvious signs that Tom needed help. And then one day a friend and a guidance counsellor finally did the right thing.

Dress Purple Day Prevention Classroom Resources

Elementary Schools

Middle and High Schools


Beastie Valley Lesson 1: Getting Help

Beastie Valley Lesson 3: Well-Being in the Community

Watch this video to better understand child welfare... you might be surprised.

Beastie Valley Lesson 2: Getting Touchy

Beastie Valley Lesson 4: Getting Connected

A teacher speaks about how a call to Children’s Aid can help a student and family who are going through a crisis.

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