Community Governance

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Ontario carries out child protection services at a community level. That means that each Children’s Aid Society has a local Board of Directors that is responsible for the functioning and financial well-being of their agency.

With a population of over 13 million people and spanning more than one million kilometers, Ontario is home to a very diverse population that needs and wants different services. The community governance model of child welfare allows each Children’s Aid Society respond to the needs of their local community, helping to provide services that best benefit their children, youth and families.

Members of the local Boards of Directors are volunteers who dedicate their time to ensuring their Children’s Aid Society is fulfilling its mandate and providing appropriate services to the community. The Board of Directors is also responsible for agency accountability and oversight. Executive Directors report to their local Boards who in turn provide strategic direction for the Children’s Aid Society.

As the name suggests, this model of governance focuses on the community and its needs, with decision-making influenced by members of the community through the Board. The Board operates under the desire to contribute to the community and understands the importance of the contributions of other local organizations in supporting the community.