Facts and Figures

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Child Welfare Facts and Figures

  • In Ontario, there are 50 designated Children’s Aid Societies. Eleven Children’s Aid Societies are Indigenous agencies and three are religious (two Catholic and one Jewish).

In fiscal year 2017-2018*:

  • On a monthly average, there are almost 12,000 children and youth in care.
  • There are over 8,700 full-time equivalent staff in Children’s Aid Societies across Ontario.
  • More than 158,000 calls and referrals were made, approximately 84,000 of which required investigations.
  • Of the investigations that were completed, 80% did not require further protection.
  • *These numbers are reported from 43 of our 48 member agencies.

The most current provincial numbers, from fiscal year 2014-2015:

  • The highest number of referrals (in order) were from law enforcement, schools, other Children’s Aid Societies, self (mother/father/child), and community caregiver/professionals.
  • The top five reasons for children and families becoming involved with Children’s Aid (in order) are request for assistance, child exposure to partner violence, caregiver with a problem, physical force and/or maltreatment, and inadequate supervision.
  • Youth aged 16-18 are the highest represented age group in care.
  • More than 36% of adoptions were by the foster family the child had been living with.

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