Jennifer Podemski on the Sixties Scoop, Truth and Reconciliation, and the Power of Indigenous Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool to teach, to evoke compassion and empathy, and to change the way people think and see the world. Jennifer Podemski, a director/actor/producer of Anishnaabe and Jewish descent, has been using the art of storytelling through television and movies since her first role at the age of 17. Especially since the creation of her first production studio at 25, she has been committed to telling the stories of Indigenous peoples with authenticity and truth.

Julia L. Jamieson, Director of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Holistic Practices at OACAS, recently had the chance to connect with Jennifer to ask her about her most recent project, Little Bird, about her own connection to the Ontario child welfare system, and about what truth and reconciliation means to her.

Listen here and catch Little Bird on Crave.

“It is not on us to reconcile anything. The truth of it is to acknowledge that we have participated willingly or unwillingly in the perpetuation of systemic racism and colonial violence. And now, once you know the truth about that, it’s your turn to reconcile with your own history, your own legacy, your own family members, and build a better future in whatever way you can.”