Coping with stress during the holidays: Lessons from former youth in care

The holidays can be a difficult time for many. The emphasis placed on family and traditions can be isolating and stressful for those who have challenging family dynamics or may not live at home or with their family of origin. This includes children in and from the child welfare system.

Several former youth in care recently shared their strategies and tips for dealing with stress and maintaining their mental well-being. Their advice is simple, yet thoughtful, and has a lot to offer young people who may be dealing with additional anxiety this holiday season.

  • Hear from Sam, who shares some specific ways he tackles his anxiety such as journaling, changing his surroundings, and talking to others.
  • Hear from Rose, who loves to connect with nature and use her music to support her mental health.
  • Hear from Kiaunna, who uses specific trauma therapy tools to manage her stress, as well as her connections to place to keep her grounded.
  • Finally, hear from Abrar, a Canadian immigrant and mental health counsellor, who shares her personal experience coming to Canada as
    an adult, dealing with depression, and the advice she has for other newcomers.