OACAS Adopts Inclusive Translation Practice

Starting September 1, 2021, all OACAS French translations will be written in the feminine gender form. The use of the feminine form allows the reader to think differently about gender, especially in the French language where the general rule is for written documents to use the masculine form. All OACAS translations will now include a footnote stating: Ce document est écrit en féminin avec l’intention d’inclure tous les sexes : transgenres, genres diverses, hommes, et femmes. (In English: This document is written in the feminine form with the intention of including all genders: transgender people, gender diverse people, men, and women.)

We used this approach for an important LGBT2SQ+ report, Bien-être de l’enfance LGBT2SQ+ en Ontario Auto-évaluation organisationnelle, and it was met with positive and enthusiastic feedback from our members and other stakeholders.

OACAS is a proud ally of LGBT2SQ+ communities. We are committed to affirming equal rights, embracing and supporting the plurality and intersectionality of identities, and working in partnership with our members and all levels of government to create safe spaces for all those we serve, as well as staff.

Questions about this initiative can be directed to Kristin Roe, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead at kroe@oacas.org.