Face Coverings, Cloth Masks, and You: A New Resource for Children and Youth


OACAS has released a new resource to help children and youth understand the basics of wearing a face covering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tool is aimed directly at young people, as well as caregivers and organizations that work with children and youth. It answers some basic questions like what’s a face covering, who should and shouldn’t wear one, and how should it be worn and taken off. The original drawings and question and answer style is intended to simplify what may be perceived as a complex topic.

The page also includes additional resources to assist children, youth, and caregivers with the topic of face coverings, cloth masks, and the spread of COVID-19. It will be updated as necessary, as new recommendations from our government and public health authorities about the use of face coverings becomes available.

To see the full resource, visit the webpage here: www.oacas.org/face-coverings/