It’s Adoption Awareness Month: Let’s explore the various paths to permanency in child welfare

Every child and youth needs and deserves permanent, long-term relationships; there is no one answer for every child.

The primary goal of Children’s Aid Societies (CAS) is to support children to live safely with their family of origin. When that is not possible, CASs look for an alternate family, preferably known to the family, who can provide a safe, nurturing, and loving environment in which the child can grow up and flourish. The goal is to keep the child, and the child’s best interests, at the centre of the process. Adoption is one of a number of options of that Children’s Aid Societies consider when looking for life-long connections for children in care. Kinship service, kinship care, customary care, legal custody, and transitioning to adulthood are other permanency options considered when making decisions about what is the best setting for a child or youth.

The infographic below details some key numbers related to CASs work to achieving safe, long-lasting relationships for children and youth in care. Learn more Adoption Awareness Month and paths to permanency here.