Your Call Could Be the Most Important in a Child’s Life: Meet Three People Who Tell You Why

Last year, over 165,000 Ontarians reached out to Children’s Aid with concerns about the safety of a child, an indication of the extent to which the community safety net for children and youth in Ontario is working.

But many people feel guilty about calling Children’s Aid. They are not aware that their call connects vulnerable children and families to vital in-home supports and services that can make all the difference to their safety and well-being.

Below you will meet three people who share their first-hand experience with calls to Children’s Aid.



Nicole is an intake screener at a Children’s Aid Society. She’s a highly trained child welfare worker who takes calls from people concerned about the safety of a child. Watch and learn about all the thought, compassion, and expertise that goes into answering your call.




Colleen is a dedicated teacher in Ontario’s public school system. She’s seen many times how a call to Children’s Aid can help a student and family who are going through a crisis. Listen to her story.




Nicole was terrified when she heard that someone she knew had called Children’s Aid about a situation in her home. Let her tell you about how this call turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her family.



These infographics capture how a call to Children’s Aid helps prevent child abuse. Click here to learn who is calling, why you should make a referral, and what you should expect when you do.