Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Releases Time to Grow Up

On January 27, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) released Time to Grow Up – Family Practices for the Way we Live Now, its study highlighting current Canadian trends related to childcare, parental leave, child and family tax policies, and jobs and income.

The study finds the federal government’s approach to family policy falling short of the needs of parents. It makes the case for access to affordable childcare, improved leave for fathers, and tax policies that level the playing field to improve the quality of family life in Canada. The study also provides an analysis of the cost and distributional impact of income splitting for families with children under 18.

Of interest to Child Welfare field, the report reveals that over 50% of Canadian children under five live in families where both parents work, contrasting this statistic with current limitations on availability of regulated childcare spaces across the country.

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