Children’s Aid & Child Protection

About Children’s Aid Societies

Children’s Aid Societies help to protect infants, children and youth who are experiencing abuse or are at risk of experiencing abuse, physically, sexually, emotionally or through neglect or abandonment.

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Locate a Children’s Aid Society

childrens aid

What is child abuse?

“Child abuse” includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse and/or neglect.

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How to report abuse

If you see or have reason to believe a child is in need of protection or is at risk of harm, make the call.

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Ontario Dress Purple Day Campaign

Learn more about our campaign that raises awareness about how it takes a community to care for kids and families.

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Every child and youth needs long-lasting relationships to flourish. There are many paths to permanency.



Fostering is the act of bringing a child into your life, providing life necessities and also emotional support.



Adoption is a compassionate gift of family to a child or youth in need of a legal, permanent, loving relationship.