If you have concern for a child, please contact your local Children’s Aid Society

ONE VISION ONE VOICE: Changing the Child Welfare System for African Canadians

This is a project by the African Canadian community, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services through the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies, to develop a Practice Framework that will improve outcomes for African Canadian children and families who come into contact with the child welfare system.

The One Vision One Voice project launched the Practice Framework, comprised of Part I, the Research Report, and Part II, the Race Equity Practices, September 29, 2016.

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A mother involved with Children’s Aid speaks about her experience.

MCYS Residential Services Review Panel’s Report and Recommendations

The Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies welcomes the report “Because Young People Matter”, a review of Ontario’s residential services for children and youth, which was released by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS). The report represents the hard work of the Residential Services Review Panel, an expert panel that devoted ten months learning from those who have experiences with the system, including youth, parents, foster parents, service providers, and experts. Please click here to read the report.

In recognition that the child welfare sector is the primary consumer of residential services in Ontario, OACAS and its member societies provided a submission with recommendations to the Residential Services Review Panel in February, 2016. OACAS and its member agencies look forward to reviewing the recommendations in the “Because Young People Matter” report and facilitating the necessary reforms to the public and private children’s residential service systems.

Independent review report coverOACAS Statement on Motherisk and the Finalization of Adoptions

OACAS and CASs deeply regret the impact that MDTL’s unreliable drug testing has had on children, their families of origin, and families that are currently going through the process of adoption. We are committed to working with Justice Beaman to review files in a timely manner  and to also support all other families who may have been impacted by MDTL testing outcomes. If you believe your Children’s Aid file should be reviewed, we encourage you to reach out to the Commission and access the available supports by calling 1-844-303-5476, or visit the Motherisk Commission website.


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A screener from Children’s Aid talks about her role in working with the public to keep children safe.

Your call could be the most important in a child’s life. This video explains why.

Intergenerational trauma as a legacy of the residential school system is a major cause of the overrepresentation of Indigenous children in care. Watch Clouds of Autumn to see how residential schooling impacts two young siblings and their family.