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MCYS Adoption Resource Exchange Conference

Please Save the Date for the Ministry of Children and Youth Service’s Adoption Resource Exchange Conference to be held on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 from 9:00am-3:00pm.

Note the venue has been changed to:
International Plaza Hotel
655 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario, M9W 1J3
Rooms: International AB & International C

For more information, please contact Jennifer Whittaker, Program Analyst at Jennifer.Whittaker@ontario.ca or (416) 327-0341.

Hidden in Our Midst: Homeless Newcomer Youth in Toronto

A 2014 study conducted by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in collaboration with the Children's Aid Society of Toronto (CAST)  found that  one-third of Canada's homeless population is comprised of youth under the age of 24. Of these 65.000 youths, nearly one-quarter are immigrant youth born outside Canada and who now live outdoors, in a shelter or transitional housing, at a friend's or family's home, and have no fixed address. 

Hidden in Our Midst: Homeless Newcomer Youth in Toronto is the first comprehensive study to examine the cross-section of youth homelessness and newcomer status in Toronto. Researchers interviewed 74 homeless immigrant youth in Toronto - 45 per cent women, 55 per cent men -- and surveyed service providers to get a better picture of their needs and available supports. 


Children’s Aid Foundation Scholarships 2015-2016

The Children’s Aid Foundation (CAF) has launched their 2015-16 Scholarship program.  The Foundation is coordinating a range of awards for youth in and from care to pursue their post-secondary education, ranging in value from $2500 to $5000. Former Crown wards can learn more about eligibility and apply online here.

National Family Literacy Day (Jan. 27)

National Family Literacy Day, held annually on January 27, is a national awareness initiative created in 1999 by ABC Life Literacy Canada. This special  Day promotes the importance of families reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities together.

Taking some time every day to read or do a learning activity with a child is crucial to that child's development. Having a parent or other caring person read aloud, for even just 15 minutes a day, can improve a child's literacy skills dramatically, helping them to develop listening skills, vocabulary and language skills, imagination and creativity as well as their social skills, sense of attachment and security.


OACAS Submission to Government - Bill 8, Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act, 2014 

oacas_logoOn December 9, Bill 8 passed third reading in the Ontario Legislature. OACAS presented written and oral submissions to Standing Committee focused on Schedule 9, which gives the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth (PACY) investigative powers with respect to Children's Aid Societies and licensed residential facilities where a CAS is the placing agency.


CAS groups call for action now on worker safety recommendations 

On November 27, as part of a coalition of groups representing managers and employees at Children's Aid Societies across the province, OACAS published a news release calling for the speedy implementation of 46 recommendations to improve child-protection worker safety in Ontario.


Hidden Epidemic: A Report on Child and Family Poverty in Toronto

On November 14, a city-wide coalition of individuals and organizations working in the child welfare and anti-poverty sectors released a report detailing the findings of its study on child and family poverty the city.

The Hidden Epidemic: A Report on Child and Family Poverty in Toronto revealed that Toronto has the highest child and family poverty rates among Canada's large cities, with almost one in three -- or nearly 149,000 children -- living in poverty. While child poverty in some Toronto neighbourhoods is as low as 5 per cent, in others it is more than 50 per cent. 


2014 report of the Paediatric Death Review Committee and Deaths under Five Committee

On December 1, the Office of the Chief Coroner of the Province of Ontario released the 2014 Report of the Paediatric Death Review Committee (PDRC) and Deaths Under-Five Committee. The report includes information about all children who died in Ontario, and specific information about children who died where there was, or had been, Children's Aid involvement.


Ontario Child Welfare Report 2014

On November 10, OACAS released the 2014 Ontario Child Welfare Report, which calls for a comprehensive strategy for ongoing improvements to the provincial child welfare system.

The Report presents six priority areas for change, as identified by Children's Aid Societies, the communities they serve and the social services partners they work with across Ontario:


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