Max the Vax campaign launches to promote vaccine education for children ages 5-11

OACAS has partnered with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), physicians from COVID VaccineMax the Vax, a caricature of a needle, fends off the COVID virus and waves proudly. Facts on Instagram, and other health care organizations to provide resources and information about the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11. The aim of the campaign is to make available the best information to support and educate caregivers, professional staff, and young people about COVID-19, the vaccine, and how to make the right decision about getting vaccinated.

The campaign uses Max the Vax, a personified caricature of a needle, to create a playful and comfortable space for children and families to learn about the COVID-19 vaccine and feel safe about vaccinations. The campaign site includes a set of Max Facts (i.e. frequently asked questions), curated resources for caregivers and kids, and tips on how to engage others in the campaign.

The campaign also includes an opportunity for children and family serving organizations to receive and distribute stickers of the Max the Vax character. The sticker is a way for young people to showcase their participation in the COVID-19 vaccine campaign and demonstrate pride for doing their part to protect others. Organizations interested in receiving stickers can email with the name of their organization, mailing address, and desired amount (500 or 1,000) to place their order.

This campaign has been made possible through generous support from the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

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