YouthCAN Conference 2015 – Summary

OACAS held the 9th Annual YouthCAN Conference from August 10 to 12, 2015.

The objective of the conference is to expose high-school aged youth in care to post-secondary options and career opportunities. This year’s conference theme was Gear up for Success, and the focus was on developing youth leaders, building character, and providing a platform for enhanced youth communication, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

Below is a summary of the conference from the perspective of one participant.

Banner - YouthCAN Conference 2015

What Really Happened at YouthCAN 2015

It was a rainy day in Toronto when hundreds of youth arrived at the 9th Annual YouthCAN Conference taking place at Humber College North Campus from August 10 to 12. In case you didn’t know, the YouthCAN conference is a successful annual event that brings 250+ former and current youth in care to a college campus to communicate the benefits of formal education. The immersive program celebrates post-secondary education and facilitates networking among youth in care and those who advocate on behalf of said youth. The event is consistently important in the lives of Canadian youth who grew up in foster homes and (or) as Crown wards.

YouthCAN is organized by those who have lived through those same experiences and provides these youth with helpful tools to advance their education. YouthCAN has become a powerful ally and staple in the success of foster children moving beyond life in care. To really describe YouthCAN’s position as an ally I have to take you through my favorite portions of the days I spent at the event.

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