Addressing Immigration Status Issues for Children & Youth in Care

Youth who leave care without permanent residence status or Canadian citizenship can enter a life filled with legal uncertainty and challenges.

In partnership with the CAS of TorontoCatholic CAS of TorontoPeel CAS and the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, OACAS has produced a guide on identifying and working to resolve immigration status issues for children and youth in care.

Intended as a resource for agencies and their staff, Immigration Status Matters – A Guide to Addressing Immigration Status Issues for Children and Youth in Care offers practical advice on strengthening organizational capacity and practices to address youth immigration status issues.

The Guide consists of the following core sections:

  • The importance of addressing immigration status issues and the implications of leaving care without permanent residency or citizenship
  • Ideas for strengthening the organizational capacity and child welfare practices required to identify, address, and resolve immigration status issues
  • An overview of common immigration status issues and the considerations that need to be made when working to resolve them

For more information please contact Sharon Evans, OACAS Senior Program Analyst, at