Strategic Plan

OACAS introduced a five-year strategic plan in 2012 that has set the direction for the Association until 2017. OACAS undertook extensive work and consultation with member Children’s Aid Societies and other stakeholders to develop the strategic plan. The process of moving forward with the plan continues to be led by OACAS staff and the board to ensure OACAS fulfills its mission and provides leadership in child welfare. The strategic directions and strategic change initiatives guide our work and focus on the overarching goal of progressing our sector forward.

Amidst the current environment of both challenge and change, these initiatives and directions play a significant role in facilitating a focused and strategic approach. OACAS continues to work in partnership with members, and the children and families they serve, government and our community partners to strengthen child welfare in Ontario and help improve outcomes for children and families.

Strategic plan graphic


Lead members and engage with partners in the development of a seamless, integrated children services system that responds effectively and respectfully to the diverse realities of children, youth and families across Ontario.

  1. Sector-wide shared and joint initiatives to improve sector effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. Excellence in service that promotes leading practices in providing a seamless service experience for clients.
  3. Reaching out, engaging and working with other children services organizations on common goals, policies and strategies.


Build the public’s confidence in and engagement with child welfare through an accountable and transparent system.

  1. Developing and publicly reporting on goals, targets and outcomes.
  2. More informed and positive public perception of the work of child welfare.
  3. Improving the communications and issue management capacity of members.


Along with its member agencies, OACAS will support and collaborate with the Aboriginal communities in bettering the health, well-being and life chance of Aboriginal children in Ontario.

  • Enhancing the knowledge and understanding of the culture, current issues and needs impacting Aboriginal people in Ontario.
  • Creating an open dialogue between the OACAS and its members and the Aboriginal communities.
  • Advancing the restoration of jurisdiction of services to Aboriginal Child and Family Services.
  • Enhancing the capacity of mandated and pre-mandated Aboriginal Child and Family Service agencies.
  • Engaging in a process of reconciliation.


Strengthen the capacity of the association and its member agencies to fulfill their mandates.

  1. Strengthening OACAS governance, decision-making and planning.
  2. Building OACAS policy leadership, analytics, technology and knowledge mobilization capacity.
  3. Supporting local governance and executive leadership development.
  4. Enhancing member agency capacity in change management, continuous improvement and innovation.
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