Our Board

OACAS is governed by a board of 16 members who represent Children’s Aid Societies from across the province. Candidates for the OACAS Board must have served at least one year on the board or the staff of a member Children’s Aid Society. They must continue to serve (in some capacity) in their local society during their term of office on the OACAS Board. Each Zone has one representative from a local Children’s Aid Society Board of Directors and one Executive Director representative from a local Children’s Aid Society.

2015/2016 OACAS Board Members

Board Executive
Chair: Avanthi Goddard
Past Chair: Marilyn Dumaresq
Vice Chair: Margaret Bowman
Secretary/Treasurer: Rachel Daigneault
Executive Director at Large: Nancy MacGillivray
ELS Section Liaison: David Rivard

Lisa Sarsfield
CAS Board Director – Central Zone

David Rivard
CAS Executive Director – Central Zone

Dr. Maria Odumodu
CAS Board Director – Southwestern Zone

Dawn Flegel
CAS Executive Director – Southwestern Zone

Deirdre Thomas
CAS Board Director – Eastern Zone

Rachel Daigneault
CAS Executive Director –  Eastern Zone

Margaret Bowman
CAS Board Director – Grand River Zone

Nancy MacGillivray
CAS Executive Director –  Grand River Zone
Executive Director at Large

Vincent Lacroix
CAS Board Director – Northern Zone

Rob Richardson
CAS Executive Director –  Northern Zone

Abram Benedict
Director at Large – Aboriginal Agency

Rejeanne Demeules
CAS Board Director – Northeastern Zone

Positions to be filled:
CAS Executive Director – Northeastern Zone


Print version of our 2015-2016 Annual Report


2015-2016 Financial Statements

Ontario Child Welfare Report

Ontario Child
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