Welcome to PowerUp! Our OVOV Youth Portal

This section of the OVOV website has been created specifically for African Canadian children and youth. Please feel free to send us your feedback and content suggestions at onevisiononevoice@oacas.org!

PowerUp! Event

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., the One Vision One Voice program will present the second edition of PowerUp!, a symposium for Black/African Canadian youth. PowerUp! is the first Canadian event specifically designed for Black youth in care, and this time we’re going virtual to connect, empower, and inspire unity and togetherness amongst Black youth across Ontario in the child welfare system.

Social Media Accounts for Youth

Link to YouTube channel

A channel for African Canadian youth to share, create, celebrate, and educate!

Do you have any music, spoken word, poetry, creations, artwork, or storytelling that you’d like to contribute to our page? If so, please send us a message and we’ll happily share your work!

Link to TikTok page

A video channel for African Canadian youth to dance, sing, share, and celebrate culture!

Share your duets and best dance moves! This channel is just for you, to contribute your most uplifting creations! Tag us or send us your original videos and we’ll share your work!

Social Media Guidelines

Let’s keep our social media channels safe, entertaining, and uplifting! Here are a few recommendations on how you can make the most of the OVOV PowerUp! youth portal:

  • Think before you post! Remember that your teachers, parents, and caseworkers may see your online posts.
  • Do not show personal information like your name or addresses: keep it private!
  • Promote positive interactions and opportunities—let’s use social media to feel good and inspire others!
  • You can use social media to connect with other African Canadian youth with similar life experiences; it’s a great way to share and express your feelings and ideas.
  • Be sure to have approval to communicate with others through social media. Please do not interact with family members or others who are not supposed to contact you.
  • Remember, communication online may be considered legal documentation of interaction between youth, agencies, and families.
  • Be specific about the social media accounts you are using, and what your goals are. Make sure to review each account’s privacy settings.
  • Be aware, and report any inappropriate contact, cyber bullying, or suspicious behaviour. Do not respond to mean comments—you can easily block harassing comments, and let a trusted adult know.

Reference: childwelfare.gov

African Canadian Arts for Children and Young Adults

We are gathering a list of African Canadian authors and artists who are dedicated to creating fun, reflective, and empowering products and resources for children and young adults. Check back soon…