OACAS’ Annual Reports

Every year, OACAS provides a summary of programs and projects, achievements and contributions to child welfare for the year.

As the membership organization for 44 Children’s Aid Societies, OACAS is privileged to be on the front lines of the challenging and inspiring work undertaken by the child welfare sector in Ontario. The three pillars of OACAS engagement – advocacy, leadership, and service excellence – guide our work with our members as we work collectively to serve the children, youth, and families in our care.

Transformation and change have been daily fare for the child welfare sector in Ontario for the last two decades, but 2015–16 will stand out as a historic turning point. This year Ontario’s independent Children’s Aid Societies made a formal commitment to a new framework for working together as a provincial system. At the heart of this “Call to Action”, as it is known, lies a deep desire to improve the quality and consistency of services to children, youth, and families across Ontario. The call for change from communities, the media, and the Attorney General has been heard loud and clear. The Call to Action also includes the sector’s commitment to communicate transparently with each other and with all our stakeholders, including the public, about our progress in eight priority areas. The scope of these priority areas is vast but as you will see in our Annual Report, significant headway into this change agenda was made in the past year.

Archived Annual Reports