Child Welfare Service

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OACAS is the provincial clearinghouse for Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario on information regarding emerging trends, child welfare best practices, service tools, child welfare education, regulations/legislation, and knowledge inquiries. We use this information to help inform and adapt education and training that is provided across the province to frontline employees and support staff who work directly with families in their communities.

OACAS manages a group of training and research tools referred to as the Ontario Practice Model that collectively serve to enhance the quality of care provided for children in resource (foster, kinship and customary care, and adoption) families. The tools include SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation), which is a home-study methodology, and PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education), which is a competency-based model for the development and support of resource families.

Another tool used by the field, which is available through OACAS, is the Eligibility Spectrum, designed to assist child protection staff at Children’s Aid Societies in making consistent and accurate decisions about a child or family’s eligibility for service at the time a society becomes involved.