Child Welfare Votes

On June 7, the child welfare sector will vote in the best interests of children, youth, and families. We believe in a province that helps families when they are struggling with challenging circumstances, and provides everybody involved – children, youth, and caregivers – the supports and services they need to get to a better place.

Here’s how you can use the provincial election to help build a better Ontario:

  • Understand child welfare in Ontario. The reasons why children, youth, and families need child welfare services might surprise you. Watch our video, be surprised, and share.
  • Learn about the supports and changes that Ontario’s child welfare system needs in order to provide excellent services to children, youth, and families. They are listed underneath the 8 icons below.
  • Share child welfare’s 8 key asks with friends, colleagues and, most importantly, your local MPP. You can download a ballot with our key requests here.
  • Lobby your MPP and municipal politicians. Let them know you care about child welfare and a social services system that keeps families strong. Share our video, purchase printed copies of our brochure and ballot, or download them below. They have the power to make the changes that will benefit all of us.
  • For the OACAS social media package associated with this campaign, please contact


Ensure equitable access to health and mental health social services so struggling families get the early help they need.

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Ensure that adults and children experiencing mental health challenges receive the right supports at the right time so that child welfare services are not needed.

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Restore jurisdiction for child welfare to Indigenous communities and ensure families have the services they need to care for their children.

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Invest in culturally appropriate and specialized care services in Indigenous communities so that youth do not have to travel 2,000km to receive treatment.

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Fund the new provincial Child Protection Information Network so that service dollars can maximize direct services.

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Fund the disclosure and privacy of records for all those receiving child welfare services.

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Give 16 and 17-year-olds the help they need to stay safe by fully funding Ontario’s new age of protection.

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Support grandparents and extended family willing to step up for kids when their caregivers are struggling.

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Child Welfare 2018: The Landscape in Ontario
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Child Welfare Votes 2018 Ballot
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