Child Welfare Operations Excellence

child and two adults

OACAS works closely with its member Children’s Aid Societies to continually strengthen the sector and Children’s Aid capacity in areas of non-service delivery, such as board governance, data management, and labour relations. There are over 8,000 employees working for 47 Children’s Aid Societies across the province.

Over the last decade there have been some major advancements in the operations excellence of child welfare. Based on recommendations from the Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare, there were 7 Children’s Aid amalgamations across the province over the last five years. Additionally, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services has initiated the Child Protection Information Network to increase data and information management. All these initiatives have had a major impact on how Children’s Aid Societies operate within the province.

OACAS supports its members and the sector through project leadership, information sharing and coordination, change management support, and centralized program delivery and co-ordination.

Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare

In 2009, the Government of Ontario established the Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare to help define what a sustainable child welfare model should include. The Commission worked closely with OACAS and Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies, child service providers, and families receiving services to produce a series of reports highlighting recommendations for realizing a sustainable system. More information on the Commission and their work can be found on the Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ website.