Child Welfare Report

OACAS published the Child Welfare Report annually from 2011-2014. The report outlined recommendations and areas of priority for the child welfare sector. This report was released to government and stakeholders in an effort to educate key decisions makers on areas that required attention to help improve Ontario’s child welfare system.

Ontario Child Welfare Report 2014

The protection of vulnerable children and their families is at the heart of child welfare work. Every year, the child welfare sector in Ontario looks at the systemic issues that affect the people in their communities, and works to advance priorities that enhance the lives of the people they serve. Within each community and across the province, Children’s Aid Societies have developed long-term relationships with other social services who share the same goals. Consultations with children, youth, and family service providers, with children and families themselves, and discussions with government, help inform the priorities and recommendations outlined in this Child Welfare Report. This report is intended to highlight the work of Children’s Aid Societies, and more importantly, to urge you to join them in improving the system that supports the children and families who are most in need in our communities.

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