Your Duty to Report

Reporting child abuse: What is the Duty to Report - ENGLISH and FRENCH - This one-page colour handout that talks about Reporting child abuse and Duty to Report.  Everyone has a role to play in protecting children. The well-being and safety of children is in your hands. If you see or have reason to believe a child is in need of protection or is at risk of harm, make the call to your local Children’s Aid Society.

Filing a report to Children’s Aid does not prove abuse or neglect, but allows authorities to take the appropriate actions to determine the risk of each situation. Each report will be investigated and the situation will be evaluated to ensure the child and family receives the support necessary to keep the child safe.

Children’s Aid can be contacted anonymously. If you choose to provide a name with your report, your identity will be protected and your name will not be released to the family involved. Children’s Aid is available by phone 24 hours a day, so if you have a concern, do not hesitate to call.

It is important to remember that child abuse comes in many different forms. Child abuse is not always obvious, so it is important to learn the signs of abuse to help keep children in your community safe. Abuse and neglect are not the only times a report should be made. If you suspect a child is at risk of abuse or neglect as a result of living under any of the following conditions, please call Children’s Aid:

  • Domestic violence
  • Substance abuse by a caregiver
  • Mental health problems of a caregiver
  • Abandonment of a child

Children are the most vulnerable members of our society, and it is each Ontarian’s responsibility to ensure children are living free of fear, harm and violence. If you suspect a child is in need of help, please make the call to Children’s Aid. It is a basic human right to be free of harm and this especially applies to children. It is our job as adults to step up and protect the children in our community.



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