Child and Youth in Care Day 2019

Child and Youth in Care Day 2019

Children and Youth in Care Day 2019 – Let’s Celebrate Together!

This important day, proclaimed into law as the Children and Youth in Care Day Act, 2012, offers an opportunity to recognize the enormous contributions that current and former youth in care make to this province, as well as their strength, bravery and resilience in the face of adversity.

Who are children and youth in care?

They are children and youth who live in kin, foster, and group homes.

They are children and youth who are not able to live safely with their primary caregivers because of neglect and abuse.

In 2019 there are approximately 12,000 children and youth living in care in Ontario.

An average of 800 youth in care transition to adulthood and independent living every year.

OACAS and YouthCAN have created a new Children and Youth in Care Day Toolkit to help support celebrations and awareness raising on May 14. The Toolkit was developed by OACAS with input from both our Provincial Youth Steering Committees (composed of a diverse group of youth in and from care) and YouthCAN agency staff champions.

To support the new Children and Youth in Care Day campaign OACAS also has developed a new hashtag – #CARE4CARE – and logo. The lion in the new logo represents the bravery and courage these children and youth need in order to overcome the obstacles and challenges of being an individual in and from care. You can access our social media toolkit at

On May 14  we are asking for your help to raise awareness within and beyond the child welfare sector about the importance of caring for children and youth in/from care. The more people understand their unique lived-experiences, the more likely children and youth in and from care will get the supports they need to reach their full potential
Come celebrate with us! Use the resources on this page to help spread the word about Children and Youth in Care Day!

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